THE BOOK - God's heavenly authority over sin and His gospel of overflowing

THE SWORD - The Spirit of His Word which judges all things and redeems,
transforms, empowers and glorifies the believers

THE FLAME - The Spirit of Christ that destroys the chaff with unquenchable fire, but
separates and sorts the wheat into His graineries

THE WHEAT - The fields are white for harvest

THE DOVE - The Holy Spirit of God has been sent out into the world to save, sanctify
and set free the believers who turn to Him

THE STAFF - Jesus is our Good Shepherd who seeks and saves the sheep that are

THE CROWN - The eternal victors will conquer the wicked

THE SCROLL - The commandments of the Lord are for those whose names are
written in the Book of Life by God Himself

THE GOLDEN RING - Our heavenly Father's covenant of eternal love

THE CROSS - Jesus Christ as Lord of all has obtained eternal salvation for the world
but especially for those who believe

Fire one - The Holy Scriptures and its righteous war

Fire two - The victory of Christ guarantees our eternal rest against defeat

Fire three - The finished work of Jesus Christ guarantees the gifts that help the victors
to conquer

Fire four - The Good Shepherd guarantees the Holy Spirit to us

Sydney Weber assisted by Mary Weber.